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If you receive a speeding ticket, traffic ticket, or moving violation, in any of Putnam Counties 9 Justice Courts, retain our law firm to Attack That Ticket.

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Putnam County Map

Putnam County, New York encompasses 9 different local jurisdictions: the Town of Carmel, Town of Kent, Town of Patterson, Town of Philipstown, Town of Southeast, Village of Cold Spring, Village of Nelsonville, Village of Brewster, and Town of Putnam Valley. If you receive a speeding ticket or traffic ticket, stop sign violation or red light violation, or are charged with VTL 1180, VTL 1111, VTL 1172, VTL 1174, VTL 1163, VTL 1212, VTL 511, VTL 512, VTL 319, VTL 1225, or any other moving violation anywhere in any town of Putnam County, our attorneys can represent you in Attacking That Ticket.

Carmel Town Court
Mcalpin Ave-Town Hall
Mahopac, NY 10541

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Map of Carmel, NY

The Town of Carmel is the County Seat for Putnam County. Because I-84 runs nearby and the Taconic clips only a notch of the town the town does not handle many traffic tickets. Further, most of the tickets written in the Town of Carmel happened on their own surface streets and were written by the local Carmel Police Department. In addition to speeding tickets, red light, stop sign, and failure to signal tickets (VTL 1180, VTL 1111, VTL 1172 & VTL 1163) are common in the Carmel Town Court. The Town court is located in Mahopac. The Court schedules traffic ticket cases during the middle of the day which makes it difficult to defend on your own. When you retain our law office we will go to court for you so you never have to lose time from work.

Southeast Town Court
1360 Route 22
Brewster, NY 10509

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Southeast Town Court

The Town of Southeast is the second largest town in Putnam County. It is located at the intersection of Interstate highways I-684 & I-84, along with Routes 22, 312, 6 and 202. Consequently, the New York State Police write a lot of speeding tickets VTL 1180, tailgating tickets, VTL 1129, unsafe lane change, VTL 1128(A), failure to signal, VTL 1163, and driving without insurance, VTL 319 returnable to the Town of Southeast. If you are charged with reckless driving, VTL 1212, driving on a suspended license, VTL 511, or driving on a suspended registration, VTL 512 in the Town of Southeast those are criminal charges and not infractions. Consequently, the court has a heavy traffic calendar with state police tickets. The court convenes either during business hours or directly thereafter, making it difficult if not impossible for an individual to appear in court to fight the ticket. Further the sheer volume makes a court appearance a long day or night.

Brewster Village Court
208 East Main Street
Brewster, NY 10509

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Brewster Village

The Village of Brewster is within the Town of Southeast. I-684 runs through it, and I-84 runs by it. Brewster also contains Routes 22 and 202, Route 56, Route 6, and Route 53.  The entire Village of Brewster is patrolled by the New York State Police. Many speeding and non-speeding moving violations are returned to the Village of Brewster Court such as running a red light, DWAI, running a stop sign, failure to stop for a school bus, unsafe lane change, tailgating, and failure to signal. The court only meets during the day, which makes it difficult to self represent due to work commitments.

Philipstown Town Court
238 Main St.-PO Box 155
Town Hall
Cold Spring, NY 10516-1401

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Philipstown Town Court

The Philipstown Town Court is a small town court and is located in Cold Spring.  Since no major highways pass through Philipstown, there is a minimal traffic ticket case load. The majority of the traffic cases there are DWI, VTL 1192(1) and DWAI(2), and the criminal calendar generally consists of petty offenses. However, the tickets that are written in Philipstown are generally for non-speeding such as running a red light, VTL 1111, running a stop sign, VTL 1172, failure to yield, and passing a stopped school bus, VTL 1174.

Cold Spring Village. Court
87 Main Street
Cold Spring, NY 10516-2810

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Cold Spring

The Village of Cold Spring is located within the Town of Philipstown and is bordered on its West by the Hudson River. The court deals primarily with traffic tickets written by the Cold Spring Village Police on surface streets. Charges such as running a red light, running a stop sign, cell phone usage, running past a stopped school bus, and failure to signal (VTL 1111. VTL 1172, VTL 1225, VTL 1174, VTL 1163) are common in the Cold Spring Justice Court. The court convenes either at 7:00 pm on Mondays or 1:00 pm on Wednesdays, making it difficult for the motoring public to represent themselves in court.

Nelsonville Village Court
258 Main Street
Nelsonville, NY 10516

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Nelsonville Village Court

The Village of Nelsonville is located in the Town of Philipstown, and is directly east of the Town of Cold Spring on the Hudson River. It is a small Village justice court in rural area of Putnam County. There is a modest traffic calendar, however there is no town prosecutor for state police tickets, which means if you are charged with speeding, VTL 1180, and receive a speeding ticket from the state police you cannot plea bargain for a lesser offense.

Patterson Town Court
1167 State Route 311
PO Box 416
Patterson, NY 12563-0416

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Patterson Town Hall

Patterson is located in the northeast corner of Putnam County, New York, in the Harlem River Valley region of New York State. Patterson starts generally where 684 terminates and turns into Route 22 as you travel north. Troopers write speeding tickets, VTL 1180, to the Patterson Town Court, because I-84 passes through it. Or you may receive a speeding or cell phone ticket violation on Route 22 by the Putnam County Sheriff. Vehicle and traffic tickets are heard at 5:00 pm on varying Mondays and Tuesdays, making it difficult for the motoring public to represent themselves in traffic court.

Kent Town Court
25 Sybil's Crossing
Kent Lakes, NY 10512-4744

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Kent, NY

I-84 cuts through the northeast corner of the Town of Kent. There are two exits off of Interstate 84, for Kent, Exits 17 and 18. The Taconic State Parkway on the western side of Kent exits at Route 301 and Hortontown Road. These routes are main thoroughfares to Westchester and New York City. Traffic and speeding tickets, VTL 1180, are written by Town of Kent Police Officers, Putnam County Sheriff's Deputies, and the New York State Police. The town prosecutor handles state police violations, while the individual officers from the other departments prosecute their own tickets. However, if you are charged with an automobile crime such as reckless driving, VTL 1212, Driving on a Suspended or Revoked license, VTL 511, driving on a suspended registration, VTL 512, or driving while intoxicated, VTL 1192, then the charges will be prosecuted on the criminal calendar by the Putnam County District Attorney.

Putnam Valley Town Court
265 Oscawana Lake Road
Putnam Valley, NY 10579

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Putnam Valley, New York

Putnam Valley Town Court is a busy court because the Taconic State Parkway traverses the entire length of its eastern boarder from north to south. As a consequence, the NYSP write many speeding tickets, VTL 1180 on the Taconic State Parkway returnable to the Putnam Valley Town Court. The town prosecutor handles the New York State Police Tickets from the Taconic State Parkway as well as Route 17. Because of the heavy case load the calendar drags on for hours some nights, making self representation a time consuming and tedious process.  



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