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Welcome to the Home Page of Attack That Ticket
The only place to go for a hassle-free and affordable New York traffic ticket lawyer
You don’t even have to appear in court!
Click here for our Money Back Guarantee


If you’ve received a New York speeding ticket , traffic infraction or other moving violation you have come to the right place. You need to Attack That Ticket because the Fines, penalties, points, additional hidden DMV fines, and a possible increase in insurance premiums can easily cost you over $500.00. For example, pleading guilty as charged to a routine speeding ticket accusing you of doing a mere 21 miles per hour over the speed limit will cost between the court fines & surcharges and DMV fines a minimum of $475.00 and a maximum of $685.00, plus any insurance increase. With Attack That Ticket’s one time low flat fee and our money back guarantee to reduce or eliminate the point’s charged in most courts, your overall cost will be less than sending the ticket in pleading guilty as charged. We can represent you throughout New York State, and we do this without the need for you to ever lose time from work appear in court. Go to our no hassle representation page to see how you will save you time and money. Join our other satisfied clients by having us handle your traffic ticket.

So what are you waiting for? Call our attorneys right now on our toll free number and take advantage of Attack That Ticket’s offer to give you a free phone consultation. See for yourself whether it would be worth hiring us to Attack That Ticket for you.

Client Review on Avvo:
“I was practically on the banks of loosing my license. I got hit  with 5 tickets at once and a total of 24 points in violations. No doubt  my license would have been revoked if it wasn't for Mike. He knows the  traffic laws better than anyone! He gave me information no other defender  could in his free 30 minute consultation. Not only is he reasonable in  price but he also delivers!! To be aquitted of these charges in a court  where plea bargaining isn't allowed is simply surreal. Thanks Mike! I  love you!”
avvo-2015 is one of the largest websites for finding and reviewing doctors and lawyers. See what our past clients said about us in their own words on the Avvo site and our testimonials page.



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 “They did exactly what they said they would. I was kept informed of the progress and never had to show up in court. To top it off, the ticket was dismissed. Great job!”

K. Lyons, Huntington, New York



”We’re looking to bring you value. We want you to refer all your family and friends to us. That’s why when it doesn’t make economic sense to hire us, we’ll tell you just pay the ticket. In fact, we have so much information about the fines, surcharges and insurance on our website you can almost determine for yourself whether retaining us to fight your traffic ticket makes sense.”

Michael J. Palumbo, Founder


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Attack That Ticket is brought to you by the Law Office of Palumbo & Associates, P.C. serving all of New York City and New York State, their principal office is located at 1600 Harrison Avenue, Suite 306, Mamaroneck, 10543

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